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Get on Trend with Slimming Horizontal Stripes

Don’t believe everything they told you about stripes. For years we believed that horizontal stripes made you look big and vertical stripes had the magic power of making you look slimmer. Well ladies we were wrong, so wrong! The real answer to the slimming illusion is horizontal stripes. Here are our top tips for achieving a slim looking figure whilst wearing stripes which are really on trend this season.


On Trend Horizontal Stripes.

The Illusion of Horizontal Stripes and Vertical Stripes

Source: Copyright: Berit Brogaard

Source: Copyright Berit Brogaard

The square on the left made of horizontal lines looks taller and narrower than the same size square on the right made up of vertical lines. Hermann von Helmholtz discovered this illusion in 1925 and it has been proved to work in many areas including fashion. So remember horizontal stripes are tall and narrow (great for clothes) and vertical stripes are short and narrow (great for room décor).



Top Tips for Wearing Stripes

1. Pick clothing with a base colour that is darker than the colour of the stripes. Try it, it’s really slimming. This black top is a great on trend example.

2. Opt for horizontal stripes over vertical. They give the illusion of a slimmer and taller figure. This long summer dress is perfect for achieving that tall slim looking silhouette.


Navy White Drawstring Waist Stripe Dress


3. Go for slanted and twisted stripes to help contour your figure and slim out curves. This burgundy twisted striped top does the job perfectly.

Burgundy Twisted Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Top



4. Try out an on trend scoop or ‘V’ neckline. This will really minimize your bust and again help with the overall slimming look.

 Pink Stripe Top With Flower Detail



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